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Unique Characters

Every member of The Ape Squad has a unique look, a unique story, and a unique way of kicking ass.



There will be 25 NFTs for each member of The Ape Squad, consisting of 4 different variations.


of Sales to Charity

5% of all sales will go to help save apes and the environment. 25% of royalties will do the same.

Our NFTs would kick all the asses belonging to other NFTs. And that's a fact.


Name: Alice
Species: Chimpanzee
Sex: Female
Age: 26 y/o

Story: Alice is kind of a badass. She had a great childhood surrounded by a caring community of family and friends. Alice has always been the adventurous type, and now that she's got her new abilities, she finally feels like she can do the good in the world that she was always destined to do. She's thrilled to be a member of The Ape Squad, and loves kicking ass to protect those in danger. Always focused and driven, she rarely has time for her love life, but will occasionally make time for men who don't get in the way of her new career. 

Combat Style: Alice likes to get up close and personal and never shy's away from being in the center of the action. She's a badass who dual wields 9mms. She's fast, agile, and always on the move, so it just makes sense for her to favor smaller weapons. Don't you hate it when you have just one bad guy left to kill, and then you run out of ammo and have to bludgeon them to death with your pistol!? She carries lots of extra ammo for this exact reason.

Coming Soon


Name: Booker
Species: Gorilla
Sex: Male
Age: 57 y/o

Story: Booker is one of the leaders of The Ape Squad. He had a really rough past that has left him with a lot of rage. He doesn't trust humans and he doesn't like humans. He's willing to put his life on the line to stop evil, and put an end to greed. His anger helps fuel him, but it's also his downfall at times. He relies on other members of The Ape Squad to calm him down when he starts to lose control. He has a lot of strong emotions, but feels like he can't show them and forces himself to always seem tough instead. Other members of The Ape Squad have a feeling that Booker has something he isn't telling them, but they don't know what. They know they can trust him with their lives though.

Combat Style: Booker was born with weapons on the end of each arm. His fists. He's strong as hell and doesn't need anything else. As a silverback gorilla with an immense amount of strength, parallel parking is no longer necessary. He'll just slide the car into place. PIVOT. He crushes the bones of enemies with his punches, and can pummel them into a gooey puddle. He's been known to occasionally rip bad guys in half when he gets really mad. 

Coming Soon
Gorilla2 (1).jpg


Name: Iggy
Species: Bonobo
Sex: Male
Age: 15 y/o

Story: Iggy, everyone's favorite hyperactive bonobo. At 15 years old, he's practically a baby still. A baby with a sniper rifle . . . which, you almost never see for some reason! The Ape Squad has a strong feeling that Iggy has severe ADHD, but there are no apes trained in that field yet, so he remains undiagnosed. He's happy, he loves being a part of a team, and he is completely baffled by why anyone would choose to be bad instead of good. He trusts the other members of The Ape Squad and is always ready to do whatever they ask of him. He's bisexual, and at 15 years old, his hormones are all over the damn place. When it's go time though, he knows he needs to keep it in his leaves and focus.

Combat Style: Iggy is an amazing sniper. He's always searching for the best vantage point, taking his shot, and then moving to the next one. His attention to detail is phenomenal, making him a better sniper than anyone could have hoped for. It's also good that he's a sniper that mostly keeps his distance, because he's almost always talking and definitely would be terrible at stealth.

Coming Soon
Bonobo (2).jpg


Name: Maria
Species: Orangutan
Sex: Female
Age: 53 y/o

Story: Maria is a wise, motherly, and a slightly grumpy orangutan. She's had 19 children though, so who can blame her! She has lived a full life and just when she was ready to start winding down, The Ape Squad happened. She's not thrilled to be doing this, but she's also not going to turn down an opportunity to do some good. The question in her mind is, how much good could one orangutan do though? She's not sure if there's any hope in making a big difference, but she's always got everyone's back. Her motherly instincts are clearly very strong still, because she's always keeping an eye on the younger members of the squad. 

Combat Style: Maria likes to get up close and personal. She's got long arms that make for some powerful baseball bat swings to the noggin. She carries a sawed off shotgun too, for whenever the bad guys are a little too far out of reach. 

Coming Soon
Orangutan_ (1).jpg


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